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Геймплейный мод для Skyrim, что позволит вам переплавлять ваши вещи в слитки. Вы сможете переплавлять золотые вещи(кольца монеты амулеты) в золотые слитки.Мод на русском. Крафт Артефактов. Полезные геймплей-моды для Skyrim (Обновлено!

Мод добавляет в инвентарь SkyUI на вкладку брони новую колонку, отображающую слот, который вещь занимает при надевании. Требования: Skyrim, SkyUI (разные версии для 4.1 и 5.0). Установка: 1. Поместите папку Data из архива в папку Skyrim и подтвердите замену файлов... Улучшение системы экипировки - Атмосфера и окружение - … Данный мод сильно улучшает системы экипировки, смены экипированного и выбрасывания предметов, а также он снабжен удобным мкм-меню, где можно настроить все доступные опции на свой вкус. Больше слотов для зачарования / More Slots for Enchanting…

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Viewing: About this mod. Added more slots in Enchanting. Permissions and credits.Asset use permission in mods/files that are being sold You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms. Any mods for Equipment slots? :: The Elder Scrolls V: … Hoping for a mod that shows equipment slots MMO style like runescape & WoW. Any mod like this available? Hopefully one that works with followers too.Out of those 230, how many of those does the dovahkiin have available?

Mod For Equipment Slots (self.skyrimmods) submitted 1 year ago by Soverign87 So what I'm looking for is a mod that sets it so you can have a hood, circlet or mask, two rings, an amulet, chest piece, boots, gloves, etc.. basically so you can be equipped like a normal rpg.

Empty Slots at Skyrim Nexus - mods and community Feb 24, 2015 ... Tag this mod ... Lets you equip an invisible item to each equip slot. ... There are also a few ones that are a bit more special than the others. Cosmetic Override at Skyrim Nexus - mods and community Nov 4, 2016 ... equip it, put some armor in the newly opened inventory, and you're good to go. No limitations - you can't wear more than 32 cosmetics at once, but that's ... in the same slot (like two pairs of gloves), but let's call that a feature. Skyrim bodyparts number - Nexus Mods Wiki

CommunityOff-site requirementsStack Exchange Network skyrim equipment slots mod. InformationReport: After Owens snub, Canton may adopt new rule26 Oct 2016 .. This skyrim equipment slots mod mod adds an additional apparel layer for armor/clothing to your player .. "Because it gives you the ability to double your armor slots"

As probably you know, Vilja, from didn't equip unarmored clothing while wearing armor. This is to avoid weird outfitting when ...